Tally of Medals for Russian Athletes

Russian athletes are competing in the Beijing Winter Olympics under the neutral banner of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) due to a ban stemming from state-sponsored doping violations.

So far the ROC ranked ninth with 32 medals overall.

Here’s a list of medals they’ve won:

Feb. 20


  • Silver men’s for ROC.

Feb. 19

Figure skating

  • Silver pair for Evgenia Tarasova, 27 and Vladimir Morozov, 29.
  • Bronze pair for Anastasia Mishina, 20 and Alexandr Galyamov, 22.

Cross-country skiing

  • Gold men’s for Alexander Bolshunov, 25.
  • Silver men’s for Ivan Yakimushkin, 25.

Feb. 18

Freestyle Skiing

  • Bronze men’s for Sergey Ridzik, 29.

Feb. 17

Figure skating

  • Gold women’s for Anna Shcherbakova, 17.
  • Silver women’s for Alexandra Trusova, 17.

Feb. 16

Freestyle Skiing

  • Bronze men’s for Ilya Burov, 30.

Cross-country skiing

  • Bronze women’s team for ROC.
  • Bronze men’s team for ROC.


  • Silver women’s team for ROC.

Feb. 15

Speed skating

  • Silver men’s team for ROC.


  • Bronze men’s team for ROC.

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