International School Jakarta Standard Provided By Global Sevilla

International School Jakarta Standard Provided By Global Sevilla

The idea of international education is not an easy feat to accomplish. There are tons of factors and standards, that should be part of the education body to fully capture the essence of international education. Global Sevilla can be one of the best international school Jakarta by providing its best standard in various ways. What are they? Here are the factors to consider. 

International Standard factors in Global Sevilla jakarta

1. International Based Curricula 

One of the keys to providing international education is its curricula. International standard means world-renowned curricula, which Global Sevilla can provide in several Cambridge curricula from fieldwork education. The Cambridge curricula are presented in the primary school as the main curriculum alongside the IPC from fieldwork education. 

The two provide better and vast subject learning for the children, which also includes tests and standard global learning. In secondary school, the curricula include lower secondary, IGCSE, Cambridge AS & A level. In preschool and kindergarten, Global Sevilla also uses IEYC made specifically for younger children learning.  

2. K-12 Education 

A thorough education implies the ability in providing the utmost learning for students from a younger age to the secondary level. For an international school Jakarta, Global Sevilla also has 12 years of education plus kindergarten (K). That means students get the chance to get the similar standard of learning, supporting and proving better personal or academic development thoroughly. 

3. Balanced Education 

Balanced education highlight the fact that Global Sevilla is not only focused on the academic outcome. Instead, the school also put intention in developing personal growth or character building. Students are though positive values and guided to be good individuals person in the future. It includes learning personal strengths, weaknesses, and talents to further sharpen learning. 

4. International Standard Facilities 

Not only about the curricula or education focus, Global Sevilla also put attention to the facility’s quality. The school ensures the facilities can provide the best support for students learning, which include laboratories, sports areas, open green areas, club rooms, a playground, and many other critical facilities. It shows the international school Jakarta put its education seriously.Can you say global Sevilla is the ideal international education body in Jakarta? Yes, it is. The school can employ and provide the best curricula, thorough education, balanced learning, and international standard for its facilities. For all that factors, Global Sevilla has put a huge investment in its education. If you are looking for more details, check out Global Sevilla official site.

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